Nintendo Drops Splatoon’s Voice Chat

Every now and then, I run across someone online who is very obviously having a bad day. Unfortunately, they often take out their anger on their fellow gamers through verbal assaults, unsportsmanlike conduct, and being unreasonable. In real life, the coach would kick them off the team for doing so. Sadly, the Internet cannot make […]

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The Amiibo Issue

If you follow Nintendo as closely as I do (or have any sort of childhood playing Mario, Pokemon, Smash Bros., Metroid, Legend of Zelda, etc.), you might have heard of the Amiibo. These little figurines are always in high demand. The idea is that these colorful representations of characters from various franchises will unlock extra […]

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One Company’s Trash… – GameStop and the Ethics of Disposal

Time to open up a new can of worms: the mysterious world of dumpster diving! Oh, wait, those worms are actually maggots. My bad. Okay, now I’m making myself grossed out, so let’s get back to cleanliness and cut to the chase! Dumpster diving is a practice that is sometimes frowned upon, sometimes illegal, and […]

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One Man’s Fight Against Sony’s Customer Service

A man on Reddit named Kadjar has posted transcripts of his chats with Sony employees after his PS4 was hacked. Of course, there is a lot more to it than that, so allow me to go through the details. Kadjar woke up earlier this week to find that not only had someone purchased $600 worth […]

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Comcast vs PS4 (Alternate Title: “Oops, I Did it Again!”)

I have never really had to bother with Comcast, as my parents opted for AT&T and I’m currently leeching University Internet, but I have heard many, many, MANY cautionary tales about this particular Internet Service Provider. Which is why I’m somewhat irked at this story. Playstation 4 owners can now access the HBO Go app, […]

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“The Order: 1886”, or “The Problem with Short Games”

A few thoughts on the recent controversy of a particular game

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The State of DLC

If you have bought a game in the past decade, you might have noticed something called DLC or “downloadable content.” The original purpose of this was to enhance a game either gameplay-wise, such as new game modes or customization options, or by adding new quests or missions. In recent years, however, games have been releasing […]

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