Act III – The Schism

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! As you have no doubt noticed, I am horrible at keeping promises! I said I’d review a lot of anime… and I only scratched the surface. I said I’d post two reviews a month… You can see how that turned out. So, time for more promises! Today is the 30th of […]

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Act II: the Year 2014

Hey, everybody! Cameron, here. I’ve been thinking for a while, & I decided to let you all know what’s been going on. First off, personal stuff.  I’m back in college (Whoohoo!), so I will try my best to post more frequently.  However, due to my schedule, I may not be able to do as much […]

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Plans for the Fall – 2013

This is just a little update on what it is that I will be doing over the next few months. Now that I have good Internet and a lot of free time (yay, college!) I will be reviewing more anime than before! First things first,,, Gotta watch em all. Future Anime Reviews Ghost in the […]

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Why Anime?

When I tell people that I like anime, I tend to get some odd looks. Maybe it’s just where I live or maybe it’s who I talk to, but it seems like very few people know what anime is.  I’m sure a great majority of people know that anime is “those weird Japanese cartoons,” but […]

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An Invitation to All

Welcome, one and all, to Behind the Masq, a humble review site for anime and anime-related media!  I am your host, Cameron (Call me Masq!), and I am doing something few people do. You see, many people enjoy wearing their digital masks.  We are wearing them right now as we traverse the internet.  No one knows […]

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