Act IV – The New Year’s Resolution

Ladies and Gentlemen! 2014 was an intriguing year for me. It started off with my review of Soul Eater, which was soon followed by an apology from myself for not posting half of what I had hoped to. By the end of the year, I only reviewed eight anime and seven video games. Fifteen reviews […]

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Act III – The Schism

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! As you have no doubt noticed, I am horrible at keeping promises! I said I’d review a lot of anime… and I only scratched the surface. I said I’d post two reviews a month… You can see how that turned out. So, time for more promises! Today is the 30th of […]

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Act II: the Year 2014

Hey, everybody! Cameron, here. I’ve been thinking for a while, & I decided to let you all know what’s been going on. First off, personal stuff.  I’m back in college (Whoohoo!), so I will try my best to post more frequently.  However, due to my schedule, I may not be able to do as much […]

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Plans for the Fall – 2013

This is just a little update on what it is that I will be doing over the next few months. Now that I have good Internet and a lot of free time (yay, college!) I will be reviewing more anime than before! First things first,,, Gotta watch em all. Future Anime Reviews Ghost in the […]

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Why Anime?

When I tell people that I like anime, I tend to get some odd looks. Maybe it’s just where I live or maybe it’s who I talk to, but it seems like very few people know what anime is.  I’m sure a great majority of people know that anime is “those weird Japanese cartoons,” but […]

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An Invitation to All

Welcome, one and all, to Behind the Masq, a humble review site for anime and anime-related media!  I am your host, Cameron (Call me Masq!), and I am doing something few people do. You see, many people enjoy wearing their digital masks.  We are wearing them right now as we traverse the internet.  No one knows […]

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