An Invitation to All

Welcome, one and all, to Behind the Masq, a humble review site for anime and anime-related media!  I am your host, Cameron (Call me Masq!), and I am doing something few people do.

You see, many people enjoy wearing their digital masks.  We are wearing them right now as we traverse the internet.  No one knows us.  No one sees us.  No one hears us. We are simply shadows, observers to the happenings.  Most prefer to remain in the realm of the anonymous, where it is safe.  I cannot remain there, for it is too quiet.

I decided that I wanted to be heard.  I wanted to connect with like-minded individuals.  I wanted to share my thoughts, my dreams, my ideals.  I know that by doing this I will be a target, that I will be hurt, and that I will be free.

I invite you to listen.
I invite you to see.
I invite you to know what lies behind the Masq.


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