Reflection – Dragon Ball Z (Season 1)

My reflection on my childhood anime of choice, Dragon Ball Z!

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Video Game Reflection – Pokèmon Leafgreen (GBA)

Summary Leafgreen (and its companion Firered) is a remake of the original Red/Blue/Green games for the Nintendo Game Boy. So it’s the same story you are probably used to by now: boy meets professor, professor gives him a Pokèmon, boy sets off to catch ’em all, stops bad guys and wins badges in the process. […]

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Act VII – The Masq Awakens

All Star Wars jokes aside, it is good to be back! This summer has been one of the most memorable in my life and one that will impact my thoughts for many new moons.  But you already read all about that, right? What you want to know is what I’m doing now! With that in […]

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