Review – Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Summary In the year 2030, the lines between real and virtual become ever blurrier as people enhance their bodies with cybernetic implants, while robots and computers come dangerously close to simulating human thought processes. When this fragile balance goes haywire, it’s up to Major Motoko Kusanagi and the elite Section 9 of Japan’s police force […]

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Review – School Rumble (Seasons 1 and 2)

Summary Clumsy 16-year old Tsukamoto Tenma is in love. The object of her desire, the strange and silent Karasuma Oji, has no idea that she exists. 17-year old delinquent Harima Kenji is also in love. The object of his desire, Tsukamoto Tenma, has no idea that he exists. Both resolve to confess their feelings to […]

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